Leslie Linthicum

Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting Grounded


Leslie Linthicum

Leslie Linthicum



On a Sunday morning about a month ago, I was enjoying my morning Albuquerque Journal, knowing that I would soon to the New York Times. The mix of the local news with the national and international is a good way to spend a morning. But, I didn’t past the first page of the Journal before I jumped up and ran to my computer to write an e-mail to columnist Leslie Linthicum.

Leslie had written an column about her summer gardening a half-acre lot that didn’t belong to her. Not only did she learn to love the quotidian rhythms of that part of the street, but she slowly transformed that patch of ground from hard-baked and weed-strewn to lush and green. Well, at least lush by Albuquerque standards. Leslie’s big surprise came when other people followed her lead and started maintaining this formerly barren lot.

I rushed to contact Leslie because in the same way she connected with her garden, I connect with my horses. When I talked to her on the phone a couple of days later, I told her that I think that it is important to do physical work to complement the mental work we do. She agreed to be on my show.

As usual, there are unexpected lessons. In our interview, Leslie shared some of her lessons from the summer in the garden. But, as often happens from my radio shows, my guest offered me another gem of a lesson.

Leslie was reluctant to use the term, but she said she felt "grounded" when working her garden. She seemed to think it was trite to say it, but I liked the term. And after the interview, it stayed with me all day. I think we all search for a way to be grounded and real in our lives. Leslie finds that through gardening. My horses provide it for me.


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This week on Whispered By Horses marks the first we will not have a call-in show on Tuesday. I am discontinuing that weekly event.

However, I know that sometimes people want to ask questions of our guests, and maybe you have a question for Leslie. Please send us your questions as a reply to this post. If you are a better talker than writer, call in and record your question. I’ll share your questions with Leslie, and we will post answers here.

The testimonial line is

1-800-609-9006 x9618. International callers may use 678-255-2174 x9618

Dr. Jennifer Howard

Friday, October 9, 2009

"Seven Easy Steps": I don’t think so


Dr. Jennifer Howard

Dr. Jennifer Howard



You are probably just like me in that I am tired of on-line ads, either in Twitter or in e-mail that pretend that if you spend $77 you will get the

Seven Secrets to Great Wealth!

Yeah, right. I don’t think so.

I was at a Pat Parelli Natural Horsemanship event one time, and I was wandering around their store. I saw a customer holding one of Pat’s beginner horsemanship kits. This kit contains a halter, lead, rope, carrot stick and some instruction videos and other media. This customer was excited by the horsemanship demos he had seen with Pat and his students. He asked the saleperson,

"If I buy this kit, will I be as good with horses as the students I saw in the arena?"

Um, No.

The kit would give the new student an outline and guidance on how to be a better horseman. I know, because I had purchased the same kit years before. But, it was lot of time and work that made me better with my horses. The beginner’s kit gave me steps to follow, but it was the work that made me better.

When I ran across Dr. Jennifer Howard’s blog post, There’s No Short Cut to Happiness, I knew that we were on the same wave length. I asked her to be on my show, and I am glad I did. We talked about how whether it’s getting rich, becoming a better horseman, or just working through down times toward happiness, there are no quick "seven steps" to reaching that goal. There is no substitute for doing the work.

I hope you enjoy listening to Dr. Jennifer as much as I liked talking to her.


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RECEIVE A FREE MP3 of Dr. Howard’s latest teleconference "Begin Reaching Your Goals" and her FREE E-Zine "Changes that Last."

 Tuesday, October 13, 8:00 PM EDT

Call in and talk to Dr. Jennifer and me. She is fun to talk to, and loves to share what she knows. Maybe we’ll find out more about the possibility of her new television show.

If you call on the telephone, and want to ask a question, enter *2 to raise your hand and we will acknowledge you.

Penelope Trunk



Friday, October 2, 2009

On the Importance of Being Vulnerable

Or why we see the world differently



Penelope Trunk




When planning for this week’s show with Penelope Trunk, my theme was about being vulnerable. As usual, I started the show with a horse story. This week’s story was about putting myself in a situation with a horse where I was the vulnerable partner.

I chose this topic because Penelope is often brutally honest about her own perceived shortcomings in her blog. I wanted to find out why she could announce her insecurities to the world when the rest of us tend to hang onto them and don’t share them with even close friends.

But a funny thing happened during the show. We ran out of time just when we hit on the real topic we needed to talk about. We started talking about what it is like to perceive the world differently than other people. Penelope, her son, and other people in her family have Asperger’s syndrome, which is kind of like being a high-functioning autistic. (Penelope, if this is not an accurate assessment, please correct me in the call-in show.) In any case, Penelope sees and understands the world differently than most of us do, and she is constantly trying to see how she fits with the rest of us.

This resonates with me because so much of my philosophy of horsemanship contains knowledge that horses perceive the world differently than we do. We get along with them better when we try to see the world through their eyes. Learning to put yourself in another’s position is an important skill. I believe that most of our human conflicts are caused because we assume that the other person sees the world in the same way we do. If we can learn to see the world from another person’s point of view, as working with horses forces us to do, we will get along a whole lot better.

Listen to this recorded show right here, right now…

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George Moscona


Friday, September 25, 2009

Left Brain? Right Brain? Above The Line? Below The Line?


George Moscona




When working with a horse, I often use Pat Parelli’s "Left Brain/RightBrain" dichotomy to give me a reference point on how to deal with the horse. When a horse is in his "Right Brain" mode, he is flighty, and he is acting out of fear. When he is his "Left Brain" he is calm and ready to work with this human partner.

In my talk with George Moscona, we rotate that image and talk about  "Above the line" or "Below the line" behavior. When you operate below the line, you are reacting to your situation, often in a defensive manner. You are narrating your own story and often judging whether things happening to you are good or bad. If you move above the line, your "observer" self sees what is happening in a much clearer manner and does not evaluate whether it is good or bad. It just is.

George describes this a whole lot better than I do. Please take the time to listen to him. It’s worth it, and it just might change the way you look at the world. I know that he helped me change my outlook.

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George’s call in show was wonderful. Scott Sheperd helped, too.

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Call in show with Shecky. Do over!

The night Shecky and I tried to do a call in show the first time, we had technical difficulties, so we called a "Do Over!"


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Ponet’s Serenade, Parts 1 and 2

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Stewart Raven Smith


Friday, September 18, 2009

Ya Just Gotta Do the Work

Stewart Smith

Stewart Raven Smith


Have you listened to the intro music for this show? That music was written and performed by Stewart Raven Smith. If you know even a little bit about playing guitar, you listen to that clip and say,

"Wow! How did he do that?"

Yes, Stewart is a talented guitar player, but he learned how to do "that" with thousands of hours of practice.

After I tell a story about how I learned how to do something "amazing" with my horses, I talk to Stewart about how work is necessary to get good. We even talk about how when you get good, you can get into a meditative state when you are doing what you really enjoy.

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Replay of Call-in Show 9/22/09

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Jeff Schechter

Friday, September 11, 2009

How Fast Can You Go?


Jeff Schechter



Sometimes when I am working with a horse I haven’t ridden much, I’ll do fine with him at slower speeds, but my communication seems to fall apart when I get to higher speeds. I have to find the right speed where I can move fast enough to cover some ground, but not so fast I am out of control.

In today’s show, Jeff "Shecky" Schechter talks with me about how you have to find the right speed to go with your business as well. Move to slow, and you don’t get enough customers. Move too fast and you can’t keep everything under control.

Shecky is a great guest, and I had fun talking to him. Please listen.

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We had some technical difficulties with the call in show on September 15. Some people may have connected, but Shecky and I could not tell if anyone was there. We will reschedule that call, probably on Thursday, September 24. Shecky is fun to talk to and listen to, so please come back.


Bethe Almeras

Friday, September 4, 2009

Let’s Play

Bethe Almeras

Bethe Almeras




How many times have you seen that sign at the public pool? The reason that kids are not allowed to horse play is that real horses play big with a lot of action. Someone could get hurt. (You can put someone’s eye out with that!)

But that doesn’t stop Bethe Almeras. She says that childhood is supposed to messy. Muddy. Slimy. Silly. And most of all joyful. She believes in being kind to waitstaff and that no amount of stuff will make you happy.

So, listen to Bethe and me talk about play and how we should never stop playing.

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Replay of Call-in Show 9/8/09

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This is the link to the Alliance for Childhood site that Bethe mentioned during the show




Friday, August 28, 2009

Don’t Act When Angry





When Ponet and I communicate on Twitter, it’s usually with a lot of fun and excitement. Ponet is known for her Tweeting in all caps and lots of hashtags. Her enthusiasm is infectious.

A few days ago, Ponet and I were talking about her art, and what drove her art. Ponet said that she can’t create art when she is angry. Of course, this reminded me of a horse story, and I asked her to be on my show.

Our talk is not the usual fun and excitement you have when you talk to Ponet, but it’s heartfelt and entertaining. We hope you enjoy it.

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Replay of Call-in Show 9/1/09

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(We talked over intro music because we couldn’t hear it!)

Catherine Grison

Friday, August 21, 2009

How NOT to Meditate

Catherine Grison

Catherine Grison




When I read Catherine Grison’s blog post "How to (Not) Meditate," I knew I had to invite her as a guest on my show. She said in the text of this post that she had to do multiple takes to get the video right. And in the video she talks about how people can try too hard to meditate. I thought that maybe she had been trying too hard to make the video.

This post reminded me about how when I try to think about how I am riding, I often end up being stiff in my shoulders, back, or legs. And when I let go and stop trying to ride and just do it, become more in harmony with my horse.

Catherine and I had a great time recording this show, comparing feng shui and meditation to horsemanship and volleyball. Please listen and join our fun.

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Replay of Call-in Show 8/25/09

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