Mara Gordon

Friday, July 17, 2009

Why Can’t They See?

Mara Gordon

Mara Gordon


Mara Gordon has traveled the world helping companies large and small with her expertise in process engineering. As an outsider coming in to these organizations, she was able to see problems that the people who worked there could not.

This last weekend Iwas doing some filming for my web site, and I got myself into some trouble with my horse during the shoot. I was so close to the situation, I could not see that the real problem was that I did not have my horse’s bridle adjusted correctly.

Whether you are in business or riding a horse, sometimes you just can’t see the problem because you are too close to it. You either need some outside help, or you have to step away to get some perspective.

Mara and I met on Twitter a couple of months ago and have become great friends. We had a lot of fun putting together this show. Please give us a listen. We hope you enjoy it, too!

Click here to see the church Mara was talking about.

P.S. The intro music was written and performed by Mara’s husband, Stewart "The Raven" Smith.

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Call in Show from 7/21/09

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Here is a link to the article "The Art of Chaordic Leadership" by Dee Hock that Mark Hundley mentioned in the call.

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