Jeff Schechter

Friday, September 11, 2009

How Fast Can You Go?


Jeff Schechter

Sometimes when I am working with a horse I haven’t ridden much, I’ll do fine with him at slower speeds, but my communication seems to fall apart when I get to higher speeds. I have to find the right speed where I can move fast enough to cover some ground, but not so fast I am out of control.

In today’s show, Jeff "Shecky" Schechter talks with me about how you have to find the right speed to go with your business as well. Move to slow, and you don’t get enough customers. Move too fast and you can’t keep everything under control.

Shecky is a great guest, and I had fun talking to him. Please listen.

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We had some technical difficulties with the call in show on September 15. Some people may have connected, but Shecky and I could not tell if anyone was there. We will reschedule that call, probably on Thursday, September 24. Shecky is fun to talk to and listen to, so please come back.


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