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Friday, October 9, 2009

"Seven Easy Steps": I don’t think so


Dr. Jennifer Howard

Dr. Jennifer Howard



You are probably just like me in that I am tired of on-line ads, either in Twitter or in e-mail that pretend that if you spend $77 you will get the

Seven Secrets to Great Wealth!

Yeah, right. I don’t think so.

I was at a Pat Parelli Natural Horsemanship event one time, and I was wandering around their store. I saw a customer holding one of Pat’s beginner horsemanship kits. This kit contains a halter, lead, rope, carrot stick and some instruction videos and other media. This customer was excited by the horsemanship demos he had seen with Pat and his students. He asked the saleperson,

"If I buy this kit, will I be as good with horses as the students I saw in the arena?"

Um, No.

The kit would give the new student an outline and guidance on how to be a better horseman. I know, because I had purchased the same kit years before. But, it was lot of time and work that made me better with my horses. The beginner’s kit gave me steps to follow, but it was the work that made me better.

When I ran across Dr. Jennifer Howard’s blog post, There’s No Short Cut to Happiness, I knew that we were on the same wave length. I asked her to be on my show, and I am glad I did. We talked about how whether it’s getting rich, becoming a better horseman, or just working through down times toward happiness, there are no quick "seven steps" to reaching that goal. There is no substitute for doing the work.

I hope you enjoy listening to Dr. Jennifer as much as I liked talking to her.


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