Leslie Linthicum

Friday, October 16, 2009

Getting Grounded


Leslie Linthicum

Leslie Linthicum



On a Sunday morning about a month ago, I was enjoying my morning Albuquerque Journal, knowing that I would soon to the New York Times. The mix of the local news with the national and international is a good way to spend a morning. But, I didn’t past the first page of the Journal before I jumped up and ran to my computer to write an e-mail to columnist Leslie Linthicum.

Leslie had written an column about her summer gardening a half-acre lot that didn’t belong to her. Not only did she learn to love the quotidian rhythms of that part of the street, but she slowly transformed that patch of ground from hard-baked and weed-strewn to lush and green. Well, at least lush by Albuquerque standards. Leslie’s big surprise came when other people followed her lead and started maintaining this formerly barren lot.

I rushed to contact Leslie because in the same way she connected with her garden, I connect with my horses. When I talked to her on the phone a couple of days later, I told her that I think that it is important to do physical work to complement the mental work we do. She agreed to be on my show.

As usual, there are unexpected lessons. In our interview, Leslie shared some of her lessons from the summer in the garden. But, as often happens from my radio shows, my guest offered me another gem of a lesson.

Leslie was reluctant to use the term, but she said she felt "grounded" when working her garden. She seemed to think it was trite to say it, but I liked the term. And after the interview, it stayed with me all day. I think we all search for a way to be grounded and real in our lives. Leslie finds that through gardening. My horses provide it for me.


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